RE: Hot


Just leaving this snapshot for the next time I complain that it is hot.
Also that was the day when the train was running particularly late.

DIY projects pipeline

It looks like there are some significant changes coming to my life in the next few months, and to accommodate them, I need to do some remodeling in my house. In particular, I need to:

1) Resurface the kitchen cabinets – the current kitchen is fugly – dark wood which has accumulated some grease on the surfaces.

2) Remodel first floor bathroom – it’s a half-bathroom, and it (still) has popcorn ceiling and vanity cabinet that seems to be from the 70-ies.

3) Remodel second floor bathroom – full bathroom with sick looking blue-colored bathtub, toilet and sink. No comments needed.

Of course, my current financial situation does not allow me to simply hire contractors, so I will have to do all (or most of it) in a DIY fashion. Time to break out those tools!

Kitchen Cabinets are the first in line – I can start working on them immediately without significant expenditures on materials. Customer Service

Today I had another opportunity how great the guys at are.

In search for a better storage solution for my home, I decided to purchase a NAS appliance (QNAP TS-210) with 2 x 2Tb Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS SATA drives. True to my luck, after placing an order, and going to QNAP site, I find out that those particular models of WD drives are not recommended for use with TS-210 appliance. I call newegg, but as I am waiting for customer representative (maybe a minute or so), my order enters the warehouse which means it cannot be changed. Oh well, I’ll return them – i’ll have to pay for shipping, but it’s not the end of the world – afterall, I should have checked the model compatibility myself. In the meantime, I place another order with the drives that are recommended.

Yesterday, I received the first package ($0 shipping and it arrived the next day!!), and this morning I requested an RMA online. One thing that I did not like was the $30 restocking fee, so I called the customer service explaining the situation and asking to waive the restocking fee. After asking me if the drives were still sealed, not only did they waive the restocking fee, they even sent me a pre-paid UPS shipping label, so now I really don’t have to spend money.

I just wish more retailers were as good as these guys. Every time I order from them, the stuff gets to me faster than I expect, and if there are problems, they go out of their way to help. Good Job, Newegg!