Lie To Me

It all started with blog entry by Alex Exler about TV show Lie to Me. I’m no fan of most of the TV shows, but I respect Exler’s opinion and I’ve enjoyed many movies he praised (that’s how i got hooked on House MD). So, I decided to see an episode, and it just happened so that yesterday released the season opening. so, right after i was done with Nut House, i switched to Lie to Me. One reaction – awesome. But this is just a start.
Today, during the lunchtime, being the internet junkie that i am, i decided to dig up more information on the show.

Here is some cool stuff:

  • Dr. Cal Lightman is modelled after real-life person, Dr. Paul Ekman who is considered one of the 100 most eminent psychologists of 20th century. 
  • Dr. Ekman lead a project called Diogenes (and later) Wizards Project which identified 50 people (out of 20,000) who had natural ability to spot a liar with a much higher probability than Average Joe. That’s pretty cool. Those people were known as the Truth Wizards.
  • One of Truth Wizards has a website and a blog dedicated to the topic.

Not sure if i’ll get hooked on Lie to Me, but given my early interests in psychology and non-verbal communication, I know, i got something to read for the next few weeks.