Lie To Me

It all started with blog entry by Alex Exler about TV show Lie to Me. I’m no fan of most of the TV shows, but I respect Exler’s opinion and I’ve enjoyed many movies he praised (that’s how i got hooked on House MD). So, I decided to see an episode, and it just happened so that yesterday released the season opening. so, right after i was done with Nut House, i switched to Lie to Me. One reaction – awesome. But this is just a start.
Today, during the lunchtime, being the internet junkie that i am, i decided to dig up more information on the show.

Here is some cool stuff:

  • Dr. Cal Lightman is modelled after real-life person, Dr. Paul Ekman who is considered one of the 100 most eminent psychologists of 20th century. 
  • Dr. Ekman lead a project called Diogenes (and later) Wizards Project which identified 50 people (out of 20,000) who had natural ability to spot a liar with a much higher probability than Average Joe. That’s pretty cool. Those people were known as the Truth Wizards.
  • One of Truth Wizards has a website and a blog dedicated to the topic.

Not sure if i’ll get hooked on Lie to Me, but given my early interests in psychology and non-verbal communication, I know, i got something to read for the next few weeks.


Autumn is upon us. For everybody who wants to enjoy the foliage, whether by:
a)just walking around enjoying the view, or,
b)waking up at some ungodly hour, driving for miles, getting out in the cold, setting up tripod, breathing on frozen fingers, spilling lukewarm coffee all over themselves (but hopefully not the gear)

Foliage Network

They have great maps by region with reports, so you can see where and when the peak color will is.

Free Examine by Minimal Wage Proctologist (courtesy TSA)

From Bruce Schneier: “last month someone tried to assassinate a Saudi prince by exploding a bomb stuffed in his rectum”

For sake of our dignity (or whatever there is left of it, anyways) we CANNOT let anybody from TSA find out about it. And God forbid, they watched Man on Fire Can’t you see what will happen? There was a shoe-bomber, and now we have to remove our shoes. Now, there is a precedent of ass-bomber, and we may end up having a mandatory cavity search… by a bomb squad… consisting of TSA personnel !

I wonder if anybody will try to blow up something using explosives hidden in a bra. After that TSA will ban bras from planes and women will have to remove them before proceeding past the security checkpoint. I’ll just be hanging out by the checkpoints. Look at the bright side though – men now have absolute right (if not an obligation) to look at girl’s rack while talking to them – “Hey, those don’t look real, i think i’m going to keep an eye on them to make sure she’s not a terrorist”.


Back Again Circa 2009

Funny, i just looked at the date of the last post – September 2006, then I looked at the current date, and it’s September 2009. It must be something about September that causes me to go to Blogspot. 😉
Anyways, i’m going to try to clean up my act (as well as the blog) and get back to this again and see if i stick with this.