My beloved Kawi KLR, aka KiLleR, aka The Swamp Thing, aka The Tractor

Went riding on Saturday. It was awesome. I love motorocycling, even in a middle of the winter. Once again saw how simple and reliable Kawasaki KLR is.
It’s been sitting in unheated garage since the fall (and I have to say, I didn’t do a very good job winterizing it. Ok, fine – I didn’t do anything to winterize it). Rolled it out of the garage – tried to start it. Sure enough, the battery didnt last long. So, I squeeze the clutch, start rolling it (w/o getting off it, just by walking) press the ignition and release the clutch. Guess what? It started! after a 6 foot roll on a horizontal surface, not even down the hill. I love this thing! I think I’m going to keep it, just because it’s so simple.