ATM Skimmer

Found this on Brian Krebs’ blog (got there through Bruce Schneier’s page) . I know, I’d fall for it.

Sidenote about Brian Krebs’ blog: Krebs states on his About Page that he does not have technical background and got into security by accident. But from his postings in Washington Post’s Security Fix Blog you can tell that he’s very knowledgeable in the area. Definitely an addition to my daily read, right next to Bruce Schneier.

Sidenote about Linux: On the same About page, he mentions that he had been monkeying with a Red Hat box, as I read this, I felt an urgent need to fire up my old SUSE box and play around a little.

Free Examine by Minimal Wage Proctologist (courtesy TSA)

From Bruce Schneier: “last month someone tried to assassinate a Saudi prince by exploding a bomb stuffed in his rectum”

For sake of our dignity (or whatever there is left of it, anyways) we CANNOT let anybody from TSA find out about it. And God forbid, they watched Man on Fire Can’t you see what will happen? There was a shoe-bomber, and now we have to remove our shoes. Now, there is a precedent of ass-bomber, and we may end up having a mandatory cavity search… by a bomb squad… consisting of TSA personnel !

I wonder if anybody will try to blow up something using explosives hidden in a bra. After that TSA will ban bras from planes and women will have to remove them before proceeding past the security checkpoint. I’ll just be hanging out by the checkpoints. Look at the bright side though – men now have absolute right (if not an obligation) to look at girl’s rack while talking to them – “Hey, those don’t look real, i think i’m going to keep an eye on them to make sure she’s not a terrorist”.