Fast Forward 1 Year

… and it’s been another year.

Time flies – I see that the last post I made was exactly one year ago – the hiatus was caused by two things – last year around this time I had been unemployed for almost six months and it started getting to me. From that point on, things were not going well for a while until mid-summer I found the job and moved. Since then, my life has been a start-up-fueled marathon of working long hours. Looking back on the period of unemployment, I’ve learned a lot about myself especially on how long I can stay upbeat in adverse environment and how my inability to find a job affects my personal life and, through me, people around me.

Some changes that happened during the past year:

– In a tragic accident, we lost our dog Kali last June (while we were in Yellowstone NP). To cope with the loss we got another puppy (we found out that for us it was best to get a new pet immediately, despite many people recommending otherwise) – a german shepherd/border collie/something-very-small mix that could solve the world’s energy problem, if only I find a way to harness all that energy.

– I found a new job at a small software startup – long hours and “hands-on” are back!

– I’ve expanded my set of video cameras by adding GoPro Hero 3 and am starting to consider selling ATC9K – I guess I’m a GoPro convert, as much ¬†as I tried to resist going with “mainstream”

Life goes on, and I’m back.

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