Read today: Ballmer on tablets:

Steve Ballmer thinks that tablets are tomorrow.

From Q&A with CNET

Tablets are clearly an important piece of the consumer puzzle. You guys have had tablets forever, but one of the things that makes the iPad compelling is its really long battery life and instant-on abilities. Can full-blown Windows slim down fast enough or do you see a need for, say, a grown up Windows Phone device that is bigger?

Ballmer: I think probably the things of tomorrow are best left for tomorrow and the things of today are best discussed today. So today, I will focus on Windows Phone.”
Ironic, given that Microsoft has had a tablet for years now. I’m not a target customer for a tablet – I do fine with a laptop and a B&N Nook for now, but given that iPad sells faster than iPhone in the first year, I’d say tablets are “today”, not “tomorrow”.

OnStar Facebook

OnStar announced today that they will/may offer Facebook link via voice-to-text.

I suppose it should offer an alternative to texting while driving, but I seriously doubt that the texting audience will switch.  I wonder what the updates will look like now:

John Doe turned left

John Doe ran the red light

John Doe via OnStar: “Oh shit…”

John Doe likes Concrete Retaining Wall