DIY projects pipeline

It looks like there are some significant changes coming to my life in the next few months, and to accommodate them, I need to do some remodeling in my house. In particular, I need to:

1) Resurface the kitchen cabinets – the current kitchen is fugly – dark wood which has accumulated some grease on the surfaces.

2) Remodel first floor bathroom – it’s a half-bathroom, and it (still) has popcorn ceiling and vanity cabinet that seems to be from the 70-ies.

3) Remodel second floor bathroom – full bathroom with sick looking blue-colored bathtub, toilet and sink. No comments needed.

Of course, my current financial situation does not allow me to simply hire contractors, so I will have to do all (or most of it) in a DIY fashion. Time to break out those tools!

Kitchen Cabinets are the first in line – I can start working on them immediately without significant expenditures on materials.

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