My 2 Cents For New DSLR Buyers: Intro Rambling

Recently, I had a long conversation with somebody who was considering a purchase of a DSLR. The person had certainly done their homework and many topics were covered.  At the end of the conversation I wrote up a 2600-word email with some additional info and links. Few days later another person asked me for advice on the camera (this is how it usually works, people see a camera that looks bigger/more expensive than theirs, and assume you are a pro).  Since I rarely need an excuse to start rambling and my faith in everybody’s entitlement to my opinion is unshaken and ever-growing,  I decided that I’d post some info. I hope it will help a person or two. I’m going to break things up into multiple posts for easier topical classification and digestion.

First things first, I am NOT a professional photographer – never have been, never will be. Photography is my hobby, I started in it circa 2004 when I was able to afford my first DSLR. The information I’ll post is result of my researching the topic, and my experience.

Who may find this information useful: average person who has enough disposable income to afford a DSLR and is curious about photography. Having stopped by a BestBuy or other similar store, they realize how diverse (seemingly) the jungle of photo gear is, and they are trying to find a way to start.

What to expect: basic information, summaries and links to more detailed articles.

What NOT to expect: MTF Charts, barrel distortion comparisons, discussions of which brand is better.

What will be covered: brands, model lineup (using one brand as an example), prime vs zoom, wide vs normal vs tele, accessories

How information is structured: since it’s a blog format, I’ll break up the original “essay” into posts by topics for easier digestion.

So, let the rambling commence…

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