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In an act of clangorously ineffectual defiance I switched from using Google’s Blogspot to hosting my own blog using WordPress software. Now I feel cozily secure and delude myself of my self-importance. 🙂

The transition went relatively smooth, Interner Planners is a great hosting service with a very good control panel for the site which allows setting up popular applications very quickly. The only problem I have encountered was importing the old posts from the Blogger into the newly established, WordPress-powered epitome of inconsequentiality.

In particular:

WordPress suite has a set of plugins that allows user to import their blog from various formats and services, such as Blogger, Yahoo360, LiveJournal, and many others. Unfortunately, after installing “Import from Blogger” plug-in and running it, my excited self ran into this error message:

Could not connect to

There was a problem opening a secure connection to Google. This is what went wrong:

Unable to find  the socket transport “ssl” – did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?

Some googling lead me to this article. Which describes the problem and has one simple solution: export to XML and import into the WordPress. Unfortunately, there is a downside – the images will stay on the blogger, list formatting is off and couple other minor annoyances. This was not exactly what I was looking for, so I tried to come up with an alternative solution.

I decided to do it in a more complicated way (as always, your obedient servant seeks no easy paths!) After much thinking, reasoning that would probably have their ssl enabled, as well as porting from to wordpress should be easier, I created an account on and imported the content from blogger using the same plug-in. Then, I exported the XML file from the and imported it into the WordPress. The images were moved, lists preserved. Labels became Categories.

So, technically, my blog moved: Blogspot -> -> Oh, and btw, the accounts in WordPress are permanent, you will not be able to delete them, so just be prepared to delete all the posts.

There were some additional adjustments I had to go through:

  • Fix tags and categories.
  • Fix (another great service, and they are not paying my for saying this, btw) widgets, which were not imported at all
  • Fix some of the pictures – they would show 100% zoom, which made them look too big. Technically speaking, I should probably upload smaller versions of them, but I am too lazy, so I simply scaled them down

The first impressions of the WordPress Suite are quite positive. There are definitely more gauges to look at and adjustments to make, but it looks quite impressive.

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